Lunch Passes

Have homework or studying to get done during your lunch break? We gladly welcome students to the media center during their lunch periods. Simply select the button for your lunch period and complete the form. The confirmation screen is the pass to show the lunchroom monitors. For students that do not have a phone, please see a Media Specialist for a paper pass.

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Select your lunch period: 

Some things to know about lunch passes. 

  • Students are required to have a lunch pass whether you go to the cafeteria or straight to the media center during your lunch break.

  • Students should eat lunch in the cafeteria prior to using the Media Center. Once in the media center, you are expected to show their lunch pass, sign in using the computer at the circulation desk and then stay for the duration of that lunch period. Any food or drink items can go on the cart at the front entrance and can be picked up at the end of the lunch period.

  • Students are welcome to have soft conversation, but please be respectful when full classes are using the media center.

  • Depending on the number of classes signed up in the Media Center during the lunch hour, an individual student is not guaranteed computer usage.

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