On the Lassiter    Media Center

We're looking for students who are passionate about the media program or reading. If this is you, please consider starting one of the below media center clubs. Three students are all that's needed to start a club. We provide a space and will help submit the proper paperwork, help spread the word, and will be available for support. 

Put your "stamp" on the media program by joining the Student Ambassadors of the Media Program (STAMP) Club.

The STAMP club would be open to all students interested in supporting the mission of the media program. We would meet monthly to receive student input about programs and initiatives that can improve the media program. 


As part of the STAMP club, students may be asked to:

  • Help plan and coordinate events to promote the media center services

  • Record book talks

  • Write book reviews

  • Assist with displays

  • Record media center segments for Lassiter News Network (LNN)

  • Create posts for social media

Love to read. Consider creating a book club. 

The book club would meet monthly to discuss that month's great read. 

If you are interested in spearheading either of these clubs, please email Mrs. Hunt and we'll reach out when we have meeting dates scheduled.